Why You Must Buy Ted’s Woodworking Plans

Ted’s Woodworking Plans

Ted Woodworking is both a software and an access to an online website. Does it see confusing? Let us analyze how Ted’s Woodworking Plans is just the right package to suit your needs.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans- The Software

The package contains a free CAD software that allows you download as well as edit any diagram that you like. To mention, there are over 16,000 diagrams available for you to choose from. The CAD software helps you to gain a precise estimate of any project. Additionally, you will also be able to edit the design to imbibe it as per your requirements. Therefore, a basic design for a furniture may be converted into an exquisite final product for you!

What one can possibly do with the CAD software-

  • Create a fresh plan nurtured from your ideas. Right from the scratch until the finish, this package will aid you to customize your own independent project.
  • Select an existing plan and make minor adjustments to suit your requirements
  • Select any pre-existing plan, not invest too much mind-work and simply ensure precise measurements as required.
  • The drawing can be assessed in 2D or 3D. AutoCAD drawings can be viewed in this free CAD software. Therefore, borrowing a design from AutoCAD and extracting measurement is very easy.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans- The Website Access

Ted’s Woodworking Plans give you the access to over 150 videos! The advantage is that new videos are constantly added and once you get membership access, you have access to all the material for a lifetime. Yes! That means, every new video added, is another feather in your cap.

The videos give a good hand in learning woodwork techniques fast and efficiently. Whether one wants to construct a simple chair, or wooden handicrafts, there are videos of all kinds. A novice may learn the basics and an expert can take up new challenges every time he wants to!

New tricks are added to your kitty very often. There is no end to learning once someone steps into the website. It is extensive and exhaustive. All this for a lifetime and for free! This seems like a haven for woodwork lovers.

Some interesting videos are as follows:

  • Fourteen videos for constructing a bird feeder.
  • Nine videos on building an outdoor shed. This may be for your lawn, office shed etc.
  • Twenty-nine videos on various furniture customized for your home, office, kitchen etc.


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