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best woodworking plans

If you are looking for best woodworking plans and blueprints, you can head to the hardware store and check out magazines. The problem is that magazines have really limited space so they tend to leave out the important details. You could head to the internet instead – but good luck sorting through all of the information and finding a plan which you actually want to build! Instead of wasting time on bad woodworking plans, you can order Ted’s Woodworking, an e-book and woodworking guide which gives you all the info you need to make amazing wood projects.

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Ted’s Woodworking has gotten a lot of attention amongst professional woodworkers. It even got rave reviews from Woodwork Magazine and American Woodworker Magazine and was given the “Reader’s Choice” award from The Woodworking Association. The reason that Ted’s Woodworking is getting so much press is because it is the most comprehensive woodworking plan package available.

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When you order Ted’s Woodworking, you are getting access to over 16,000 different woodworking plans. If you can make it out of wood, you will be able to find a plan for it in Ted’s Woodworking! Of course, you can find woodworking plans from many places so this isn’t really a big thrill. What really makes Ted’s Woodworking stand out is that it takes such a simple yet incredibly effective method of presenting the plans. Some of the projects are advanced enough for professional woodworkers but are laid out in a way which even a novice could follow. All of the woodworking plans use a step-by-step approach. They include blueprints and material lists so you know exactly what you need right from the get-go. Plus, you are going to get a LOT of pictures with the woodworking plans which makes them even easier to follow.

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Ted’s Woodworking seems to have thought of everything. They even have organized the woodworking plans into a searchable database. You just type in the project you would like to make and will get results. You can also filter through the projects by skill level of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. While searching is the easiest way to find a project, it is really fun to browse through all the different categories which range from arbor plans to wishing well plans – and over 200 categories in between! Be prepared to feel giddy with excitement once you realize all of the things you will be able to make – like gorgeous tool boxes, windmills, lamps, hutches, and fireplace mantels.

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Since Ted’s Woodworking is sold as an e-book, it is incredibly cheap – especially compared to the prices of magazines or books. For the price of just a few magazines, you can get access to all of the woodworking plans instantly. Plus, you get tons of great bonuses with your order too. The DWB & CAD viewer included as a bonus is worth the price of Ted’s Woodworking alone. But you also get 150+ woodworking videos, and bonus woodworking books. This is a great find for anyone who wants to start woodworking!

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