Woodworking Basics

Wax Emulsion End Grain Sealers – Application Tips For Woodturners

Overview Get the best application tips for woodturners. Few products in recent years have been as beneficial to woodturners trying to season green timber as wax emulsion end grain sealers. In the woodturning workshop, wax emulsion sealers serve an important function by controlling the rapid loss of moisture through freshly cut surfaces on logs, blanks…

Woodworking Basics

Timber and Woodworking

The hundreds of different timber species, which vary widely in their appearance and properties, are usually classified into two broad groups hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods come from broad-leaved trees such as ash and oak. Softwoods come from coniferous trees which mostly have needle-like leaves – Norway spruce, for instance. This is a botanical classification and…

Ted's Woodworking Review
Woodworking Basics

Ted’s Woodworking Review – Uncover More Than 16,000 Woodworking Projects and Ideas

Get the best ted’s woodworking review. Adept woodworker Ted McGrath created the Ted’s Woodworking Package as a valuable resource that would present woodworkers with some very remarkable ideas and projects. The package has various qualities that make it the “#1 Woodworking Resource” and some of those qualities along with a few petty pitfalls will be…