Go Green With Solar Power at Home – Easy DIY Project

Solar Power

Trapping Solar Power for your living space

Alternate and renewable energy is the call of the hour! Today, across the world, irrespective of latitude, people are opting for the use of solar power and energy. Among the forces o nature that are now being experimented upon and harnessed for energy, this is one of the most pivotal components the endeavor. Rising utility bills, depletion of the ozone, unhealthy environments and realization o the fact that the plane is our only home, has raised many an attention towards the sun- as a clean source of energy! You can also check our other articles

Nature – the best resource at home!

Using solar power at home is now commonplace indulgence today. The several technological advancements already in place and consistent investments in new technology have bought the potential of solar energy to the threshold. Not only is the light and heat from the sun the best forms of renewable energy, but it is also the cleanest alternatives to the LPG used and of course the one residential component we cannot live without – electricity.

Solar power can be trapped at home during the day, for use at night too! The use of photovoltaic panels on any open surface enables you to store the energy from the sun through the course of the day for after use. Residential solar systems are very easily accessible both online and offline. Get more info about woodworking. There are DIY or Do-it-Yourself kits as well as a number of professionals who step in for installation. These panels can be used very safely in your home.

Installing residential Systems for a cleaner environment

You can now source and install the solar power panels and kits according to the amount of energy the home needs at dusk and through the night. Accordingly the panel and placement can be chosen. Even in very cold regions, sufficient storage of solar energy though the summer months and the winter days, is possible. The calculations are on the basis of:

• the amount of light required to light up your home

• capacity of the solar panel

• amount of sunlight available

• open areas around the home for installation

• budget

Solar power for the modern home comes in two basic forms – the grid-tie and the off-grid system. The former uses the sun’s energy to produce Direct Current and then converts the same into Alternating Current through an inverter. With the help of this system you can actually sell the energy trapped! Many people are banking on the transmission of excess power to the nearest company owned power grid.

In the case of the off-grid system, the power produced cannot be redirected for commercial profit but you can store all the electricity produced with the help of the solar panels in special batteries designed for the purpose. The very basic procedure of installation and sourcing the trapped energy via the solar power the region is commonly exposed to is now available at a click. It helps a lot to get your home work done and investigate the budget requirements of equipment, besides the cost of labor.

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